Item No.: VDSL-02

Product Description

VODA Candle Heat Powered LED Lamp Adjustable Thermal Lartern Eco-friendly Light for Indoor Outdoor Use

The VODA candle powered lamp uses a unique thermoelectric technology easily transforming the energy of a tea light candle into electricity to light up an entire indoor or outdoor dining table. 

Candle Diameter: 1.4~1.5 inch
Lasttime: 3~4h per candle
Output Power: 3V- 200mAh
LED Output: 1.5 W
Place the candle powered LED light on a smooth flat surface.
Take the plug-in unit at the bottom down, and put the lighted candle on it, then the heat energy can be transferred into electricity to light up the LED within about 5 seconds.
The two telescopic supports are used to adjust the direction and height of the lamp optionally.
Kindly Reminder:
Make sure your tea light candles aren't over 1.5" in diameter.
Please be careful when taking the candle out from the bottom.
Never remove the bottom of the LED light drastically when the candle is burning.